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Majestic Memories

did you know the VHS will ruin over timE?
Save your precious memories + Digitize them!
Let us be your content creator! 


Gather up old Tapes

Step one is gather up all your old VHS, Mini DV, cassettes, and more. Once you have done that we are a step closer to converting them for you! 


Mail or
meet in location

We give you two options;

1. You can mail us all your tapes, or

2. If you rather play it safe you can meet us

 to give us your tapes!


Convert tapes

We will take all the tapes you give us, and we will convert them to digital for you!


Receive your product

You can receive your product via our online delivery service. You can watch the product anywhere, and has a screen sharing function to watch on your TV! You can download your product directly onto your computer. Don' worry...We will give you your tapes back! 

How's it work?

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