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"Maximizing Your Brand Awareness: 3 Essential Rules for Successful Multi-Platform Marketing"

Are you struggling to create content as a business owner? Don't know how to create the eye popping videos that you might see on social media to help Brand Awareness? Meet with our team to discuss your company, and how to keep building it's brand. Here at Majestic Video Services, we help our clients utilize the skills we prove to boost the Services/Products they provide to help build their brand. We help with everything from (Re)Building your website [check our examples], to creating all forms of content; Brand Commercials, Video Testimonials, Events, Graphic Design (Logos & Ads), Informative Videos & Company History pieces.

Here's the 3 Essential Rules for Successful Multi-Platform Marketing

to help your business grow (2024).

Let's dive right in...

Top 3 CRUCIAL Rules to marketing your brand :

#1 - Brand Awareness

#2 - Knowing the Connections

#3 - Execution

#1 - Brand Awareness ;

Knowing the importance of what your company is not only trying to accomplish, but where it's going in the future is very vital. Do you normally get on a train without knowing the destination? NO, right? It's the same concept we apply to all of our clients during the 'Vision' Process while creating your 'Road Map. As you already know being an owner of a company can be overwhelming. You need to be aware as a business owner of any & all that its going on within your company. Aside from just your Service(s) / product(s) that you might offer, it's crucial to know what 'voice' you are speaking in regarding your customers/clients. In most cases, you are focusing on the day to day operations, and forgetting about marketing. Having the proper brand awareness for your company is by far the most CRUCIAL rule for building your brand.

Our team tries to make connections with our Clients to help them gain knowledge of video styles we offer & why we create them. Every video has its place depending on what you are trying to sell. We normally start by creating a series of films such as Brand Commercial Video to Service Videos, and almost always create some form of Video Testimonial. There's plenty of other video types, which can be found in another blog post.





#2 - Knowing the Connection ;

In most cases people learn how to run their companies because it's built on something they are passionate about. However, that leaves a major 'gap' when it comes to marketing their brand. Focusing on the Product or Service, but do not know how to create content or even know what kind of vision they have for the company in some cases.

Our objective is help you 'Find the Gaps' within your company to inevitably close any distance between you & your competitors. Connecting the importance of the Service/Product to the customer is crucial in this day & age of social media. Being able to stand out above the competition helps create more revenue. Here at Majestic Video Services we help you realize the vision for your company. We will brainstorm with ideas for the best strategy to plan to amplify business with marketing. We help with the creation of content, schedule of filming, edit the final product, development of campaigns, and help share content we create in order to get the result you are looking for as a company.

Knowing the importance of the the connection of your 'Road Map' for Marketing is crucial when working with our team. The connection between what's posted on your Social Media's, Website, emails, and google are insanely important. I can't tell you how many clients we meet with that nothing lines up on any other those platforms. You must build trust with your Customers/Clients by being consistent. If your 'Voice' your speak with towards them changes than you will continue to miss out. People love consistency, and any showing of inconsistency can result in someone turning to another Company or Brand. In most cases, you are selling something that's rare. Competition is at an all-time high now a days, and it's because of how the internet is used as a tool. Understanding the connections between what & where it's being posted in a CRUCIAL rule to understand.

Let's set up a FREE, Discovery Session, to help us gather information to present your proper strategy. Here's our 'Road Map' for our clients...

Road Map to Marketing

Want to set up a meeting with our team? Contact us today to schedule a Discovery Session, and we will be on our way to start building your BRAND!


#3 - Execution ;

This rule is by far the most CRUCIAL rule when you are marketing your brand. Providing content that is informative to your audience is key. Executing is always the part where companies don't follow through with. This is where we come in to help schedule your film sessions, edit your films, and provide the content. We will schedule filming in the field or in our studio (Majestic Studios, York, Maine). Let us Execute a plan for you to start adding more high quality content to your repertoire!

Film at any location

Or come to our studio

"We see the world from a different view, here at Majestic Video Services."

Are you struggling to create content as a business owner,

which Crucial Rule are you going to apply to your business?

If this helps you in anyway can you

please share & comment!

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Miranda Booth
Miranda Booth
Mar 26

This is such helpful information! I will definitely be applying this to my business!

Majestic Video Services
Majestic Video Services
Mar 28
Replying to

Great to hear! Thanks for reading!!

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