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"Exploring the Significance of Preserving Moments Through Cinematography"


In this day an age most people are too living fast, don't take a second to look around to enjoying the present moment. Especially seeing how phones have taken the attention of enjoying the now. Have you ever thought when does the now moment become a forever memory that you will always preserve? It seems the 'pillars' moments of our lives are the instances say ethc into are brains the most. Moments such as your first boyfriend or girlfriend, graduating from high school, 21st birthday, a Wedding, an Anniversary, a special birthday, finding out you will be a parent, and on and on. What I'm getting at is there's moments in our lives that happen so fast, and we don't truly grasp them until they have passed us by. How are these moments captured? By a photograph, or more importantly a short film. It seems like a majority of those memories are the most precious when captured on film. While working with us we can help capture significant memories that will be preserved through our cinematography. As you continue to read we show examples of how we do that!

We have been hired to film all sorts of videos. Here's a list of the Preservation of Moments Through Cinematography:

  1. Surprise Engagement Films

  2. Save The Date [ Pre-Story to your Wedding Film ]

  3. Wedding Films [ New England Wedding Videographer ]

  4. Baby Announcements

  5. Baby Gender Reveals

  6. Graduation

  7. Digital Conversions

Surprise Engagements.

Imagine setting up a plan to capture your engagement in real time - that's truly an example of preserving a moment with a Surprise Engagement Film. We will come to the location you plan on doing the proposal, and set up where we can't be seen to capture the moment unfold. We include a photographer for an upcharge if that's something you would be interested in.

 Save The Date.

A lot of couples have been trending in a new direction when it comes to 'announcing' their weddings via our 'Save The Date' films. We can meet in a location where you got engaged or a place that is near + dear to your hearts. We will showcase out cinematography of capturing your love. Allowing you to tell your pre-wedding story with written letters to one another. This showcases where you see your love story going, all the way up to the 'I Do's' at the wedding. Save The Date photographs have been around for a while now, but allowing us to tell your Forever Love Story on film - really preserves this time in your lives on another level. Great to share on social media for your Family + Friends.

Every couple has a story, allow us to capture your sentimental moments

that will last forever...


When people have children that brings preservation of moments - Our goal has been to cinematically create films with the sentimental eye of capturing the moment. For example, Our Wedding Division Best Man Media MVS    has been filming moments like this for over 10 years. A New England base Wedding Videography company that specializes in storytelling through the art of cinematography. This one of 6 Significance Moments we try to preserve through our films. Check our portfolio with our Forever Love Stories YouTube Channel that we have created. Our Reviews speak for themselves - couples constantly tell us how they loved reliving the moment.

"What's a Wedding without a Best Man?"


Once we have captured your engagement, Save the Date, and wedding we continue to work with our couples once a family comes into the picture. This is where the preservation of those moments become even more monumental. Allow us to capture your Baby Announcement or Baby Gender Reveals are another really special time of excitement to be preserved forever.

  Baby Annoucements.

  Baby Gender Reveals.

There's moments in this Gender Reveal Film that you notice right away; excitement, surprise, happiness - just to name a few. If you really dig deeper in the film you see the family that surrounds the couple. Family is crucial for one to realize that 'Time' and the importance of enjoying moments like these are a main reason why we film these types of production. We all know life doesn't last forever, but the time we have with the ones we love must be the most important to cherish. We were able to capture the family members + what they thought the gender of the baby was going to be. This adds a touch of real moments to our films, always fun to look back and see who was right & wrong with their guesses. Allow us to capture a Gender Reveal, and moments


Back in 2020 our society felt a massive shake up with the pandemic that took place. This was a moment of time we will all remember. Kind of like knowing where you were when 9-11 happened. For Well High School, our team was able to try and create a film that would make graduating feel like a special one. We filmed two days straight of all the students individually accepting their diplomas, teachers were giving speeches to an empty stadium, and we had to make it look seamless as if it all took place continuously. The students got to watch their graduation film on the big screen at Saco Drive-Ins. This is one of many examples of a moment of preservation that we accomplished through our cinematography. I won't show your the full version (which is on our YouTube Channel). but here's the opener for the Wells High School CLass of 2020 Graduation.

Digital Conversions.

Preserve those moments by converting your VHS tapes to digital! Most people don't know this but your old tapes will eventually ruin by aging. Save your old memories today by converting your films to digital! In addition we will make Photo slideshows for birthdays, graduations, and funerals.

We have filmed special Birthday, Anniversaries, and other important moments - don't hesitate to ask if it's another event you don't see listed about.

If you gained knowledge with the preservation of a moment -

 please share & comment!

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